Semi-Permanent Make up


Enhance your natural features, take years off your appearance or camouflage scars with permanent make up. It gives your face a subtle and natural look which won’t smudge and it’s a great non surgical alternative to anti-ageing treatments, giving lift to the brows, definition to eyes .

Powder brow and Microblading £160 top up £60.00

4 thoughts on “Semi-Permanent Make up

  1. Hello, My sisters and I are keen to have semi-permanent makeup done on Eyebrows and top Eyeliner. I myself have had this done on my Eyebrows for many years and will only require a touch up.

    Could you give me a ball park price of how much touch-up eyebrows will cost and the cost of Eyeliner.

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you Mob: 07714219355

    By the way would this work be done at the shop in Cove?

    Linda Collins

    • Hello Linda,
      I am sorry I have only just got this email due to technical problems.
      Spm eyebrows are £160.00 microblading or powder brow.
      Eyeliner £125.00
      My salon is in Bristol.
      You are welcome to come in for a consultation and patch test.
      I Candy Beauty

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