Body Treatments

Body & Inch Loss Treatments

G5 Massage – £35
Mechanical vibration massage that helps bring down fatty deposits and improve circulation.

Waveform Body Treatment
1 treatment – £35

The treatment recuces parts of the body you need reshaping. waveform works through gentle currents which help to break down fatty deposits and tighten muscles giving the skin a smoother and firmer appearance. One treatment on Waveform Bodystar produces a dramatic result – guaranteed inch loss. However a more permanent result is achieved with a course of treatments.

Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap – £42
Helps to diminish cellulite formation, accelerate inch loss and firm skin.

Hydradermie for the Bust – £40
Revitalises and tones the elastic and connective tissues. The results are a noticeable firming and lifting of the breast contours to give you a more youthfull appearance.

Waveform Bust Toning – £25
Helps tighten pectoral muscles to lift the bust.

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