IPL Hair Removal

Now is the perfect time to start your IPL treatment now the holiday season is coming to a end,imagine by your next summer you can be hair free no waxing,plucking no creams.
A course of treatments are required usually every 4 weeks.
1/2 leg ……………. 6 sessions £375.00
Underarm and Bikini …………… 6 sessions £250.00
Lip and Chin …………… 6 sessions £175.00
We can treat all areas of the face and body,and treat most hair and skin types with the exception of blond ,grey or red hair.
A full consultation and patch test carried out with our fully our trained therapists.
The Ecolite V9 IPL system is one of the most advanced IPL machines available in the cosmetic market today. For therapists, it provides a range of effective treatments that deliver visible benefits to clients..
Many of the treatments now delivered with IPL, were traditionally associated with laser technology. However, research and development has proved that Intense Pulsed Light produces an equally effective outcome, as well as being faster and less expensive.
IPL works by emitting a broad spectrum of light via a specially constructed Xenon flash lamp and focussing optics. This non-laser technology converts the light to heat energy spanning across a broader range of wavelengths; this yields benefits for a number of skin conditions and disorders including acne, thread veins and Rosacea, as well as achieving permanent hair reduction. As the pulses of light are short in duration, clients experience virtually no discomfort, although a minor sensation may occasionally be experienced in sensitive areas; but this subsides immediately.
The Ecolite V9 IPL system filters the light emitted from the flashlamp to remove harmful shorter wavelengths, including UV, and unusable longer wavelengths.
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